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PVD Industries was established in response to the growing demand for quality decorative metal coatings. 

With over 35 years of experience, we are your one-stop shop for fabrication and finishing of all things metal. 

So what is PVD?

PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) is a thin-film deposition process used to apply colour to stainless steel and other metals. The coating is so thin it has no impact on the dimensional or textural qualities of the material. Unlike other finishes, the colour is molecularly bonded to the substrate, resulting in unparalleled strength, consistency and wear resistance.

The result is an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial surface that requires minimal cleaning and maintenance.

The PVD process generates no chemical waste or pollution, and does not involve the use of hazardous materials. This, combined with the longevity of the end product, means PVD has exceptional environmental benefits. 

PVD Industries has over 35 years of experience in metal coating and fabrication, and boasts the largest capacity PVD machine in Australia. We apply our specialised knowledge and practical expertise to service a diverse range of architectural, medical, industrial and lifestyle applications.

The PVD Process The PVD Process The PVD Process
The PVD Process The PVD Process The PVD Process
The PVD Process The PVD Process The PVD Process
The PVD Process The PVD Process The PVD Process

Material is extracted from a high-purity solid source.


Evaporated material travels via a plasma medium from the source to the component to be coated.


Nucleation and growth of the coating on the component surface.

The results

The PVD process results in a surface with superior resistance to scratches, corrosion and fading. The choice of colours is endless, including black and chrome. Take a look at our before and after comparison. 



At PVD Industries, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and our capacity to offer a full service from production to installation. Talk to us today about your requirements. 

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